primeSelector gives you access to a truly global equity universe. Screen more than 15’000 securities worldwide.

Switch on the advanced mode and chose the factors you want to test. Filter or aggregate with just a click. More factors will be added in the future.

Use the pre-defined PRIME-ratings to screen for stocks which generate robust results.

Chose between a self-adaptive factor timing algorithm or just equal weight the factors. Switch on the hedge overlay signals to protect your portfolio from sharp drawdowns.

Click the backtest button and see how the strategy would have performed historically in just a few seconds. Measure the results against a full range of selectable benchmarks.

Generate company reports based on our PRIME-ratings. Fast, intuitive and easy to read.

Track your portfolio performance and let primeSelector rebalance your portfolio based on the selected strategies. Keep, Add, Remove - primeSelector will make suggestions but you will decide.