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Equity investors - professional or private individuals - are finally able to select equities with ease and confidence. primeSelector by Swiss private bank Banque Cramer transforms a daunting task into a pleasurable experience.

Build your personal stock portfolio with a few mouse clicks and let primeSelector do the complicated analyses for you. You may even backtest your chosen strategy. A high-end tool available for free.

We hope you enjoy primeSelector and get the most of our tool.

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primeSelector is a web based application which helps equity investors screen global equity markets for promising investment opportunities within seconds.

"As an experienced investor I can fine-tune primeSelector so it works perfectly for my needs."

primeSelector users can either select a predefined set of quantitative measures (the PRIME factors) or implement their own investment strategy to screen for interesting stocks. The equity risk factors used in primeSelector have been academically researched and offer empirical evidence of having generated excess return compared to passive investments.

primeSelector users can run backtests of any chosen strategy and instantaneously see how the strategy would have performed over the past few months and years. Historical returns do not guarantee future success, however they increase the level of comfort.

"I can see how my portfolio performs, even before I invest real money."

Before putting real money to work primeSelector hence offers the possibility to run a virtual portfolio and test a chosen strategy in real life. Outputs can be saved and performance tracked in real time to see whether backtested results are confirmed by realized results.

primeSelector is the only worldwide equity screening tool which offers backtesting of personal strategies as well as virtual portfolio monitoring entirely for free.